The holiest of relics?

Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 “Woodstock” Fender Stratocaster IT’S an eerie experience, quite unsettling in fact, to stand in the middle of this cavernous, futuristic hall in Seattle and gaze down upon a rare and precious holy relic, literally close enough to touch. A mere six inches of air and half an inch of (presumably armoured) PerspexContinue reading “The holiest of relics?”

A Clear Favourite…

Rick Richards’ 1973 Dan Armstrong Plexiglass Guitar THE music I love often seems to arrive from slightly unexpected directions – a case in point being my love of the world’s greatest bar-band, bar none, The Georgia Satellites, which started one fine spring day in, of all places, a distinctly unrock’n’roll little town on the SuffolkContinue reading “A Clear Favourite…”

Red for the blues

Gypie Mayo’s Fiesta Red 1961/2 Stratocaster SOMETIMES I seem to end up obsessing about a particular instrument. It’s happened a few times – no bad thing, I suppose, as it’s all grist to the mill of this blog. And never more was it so than my obsession with this particular Fiesta Red Fender Strat.It’s noContinue reading “Red for the blues”

Touched by the hand of “God”…

Eric Clapton’s “Beano” Album Gibson Les Paul Standard AS claims to legendary status go, the story of Clapton’s “Beano Burst” Les Paul puts it right up there with the best of them. Right up there…The instrument Clapton played on “John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton” (aka “the Beano album”) is credited with setting a benchmarkContinue reading “Touched by the hand of “God”…”

Musings on Muddy…

“The Hoss” – Muddy Waters’ red 57 Telecaster MUDDY Waters was an inspired and inspirational performer, a magical entertainer with a sparkle in his eye, a laugh in his voice and that rare, indefinable quality, stage presence. He was also a true musical pioneer.The 1940s and 50s witnessed a huge exodus from the American South,Continue reading “Musings on Muddy…”

That Special Bond…

ALL musical instruments are special. The truth, however, is what is truly special about them is the thing that happens when a human being uses that instrument to express themselves, to share something from within themselves, something that excites a strong emotion – joy, anger, sorrow.To me, there is no instrument quite so special asContinue reading “That Special Bond…”


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