Two more Squiers from Indonesia…

39. Squier Tele Custom w/P90s THIS guitar caught my eye on eBay after my pal Dave Werewolf bought one of these for himself in 2010 and I sort of fell in love with it. It was a relatively brief infatuation, however.Made in the same Indonesian factory as my favourite Squier 51s, these Teles are fantasticContinue reading “Two more Squiers from Indonesia…”

One For Greeny…Almost a Les Paul Pt1

37. Vintage “Lemon Drop” Les Paul copy THIS rather attractive Les Paul copy turned out to be a real surprise – of the pleasant variety. I bought it from a mate on a whim. Then I became really quite attached to it and it ended up seeing me through some of very important years ofContinue reading “One For Greeny…Almost a Les Paul Pt1”

A Fancy for a Firebird…

36. 1991 Gibson Firebird V I’VE always been a Fender man. Something to do with having been serially obsessed with a succession of Fender players, I think…Richie Blackmore, Wilko Johnson, Gypie Mayo, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sonny Landreth.It didn’t hurt, either, that the guitarist I’ve spent most time standing alongside on stages near and far- myContinue reading “A Fancy for a Firebird…”

An Even Odder One…

34. Casio DG 20 synth guitar THERE’S only one person to blame for the appearance of this, the oddest of all guitar-shaped things in this blog. I name Dr Ika – Georgian neuro-surgeon-cum-guitar player, technical genius and all-round good bloke! Ika’s been a regular at the Hot Hob Jam in Brentwood where we have goneContinue reading “An Even Odder One…”

A good idea at the time…

31. Line 6 Variax 30 AN odd one, you might think, to find lumped in after three acoustic guitars, but believe it or not, I bought this bright red digital guitar, primarily to use as an acoustic guitar.It’s a modelling guitar and doesn’t have any conventional pickups. Instead, rather a transducer under the bridge picksContinue reading “A good idea at the time…”

Unplugged… but not really

28. Tanglewood acoustic I’VE never been much of an acoustic player, but all the same, I’m sure most people who play guitar would tell you there was the odd time when it’s really, seriously handy to have an acoustic guitar knocking about. Solo and duo blues gigs, for instance, where an electric guitar sometimes doesn’tContinue reading “Unplugged… but not really”

Sundry Strats and Similar part 2

26. Black Modded Squier 51 ANOTHER of my creations, this dates from the time when Squier 51s were dirt-cheap and plentiful and I belonged an unbelievably nerdy specialist forum on the web, dedicated to modding Squier 51s. Much as I adored the simplicity of the original Indonesian Squier 51 design, there were a few thingsContinue reading “Sundry Strats and Similar part 2”

Sundry Strats and Similar part 1

24. Reverse headstock Bitsa Strat FOR ages, I’ve had a bit of a passion for tinkering with, upgrading and modifying guitars. In fact, you may already have noticed very few of mine ever remain completely original for long. I’ve put the odd one together from bits, too.Apart from the Strat I built for Owen inContinue reading “Sundry Strats and Similar part 1”

Two more slide machines

17. Danelectro U2 reissue I CAN’T honestly remember how much I paid for it, or where it came from, but this rather nice maroon Danelectro U2 reissue was a bargain. After they they were re-released in the early 90s, just about every guitar player I knew had one of these cheap, cheerful, but funky guitars.Continue reading “Two more slide machines”

My Slide Supremo

16. Blonde 2003 Squier 51 FOR almost as long as I’ve attempted to play guitar, I’ve also attempted to play slide guitar, with varying degrees of success. It started, of course, with Automatic Slim. My hero, Dr Feelgood’s frontman, Lee Brilleaux played very effective, but rough-and-ready slide, tuned to open D. However, the regular slideContinue reading “My Slide Supremo”

The Bass Years Part 1

1. Commodore short-scale two-pickup bass MY very first guitar – a Japanese short-scale, vaguely Jazz-ish atrocity of a bass, with a plastic Commodore badge on the black headstock. I bought it (cost about £20 from a small ad placed by a bloke in Braintree, I think, complete with fancy strap, which I still have somewhere,Continue reading “The Bass Years Part 1”